5 Reasons to Visit the Great Southern Region of Western Australia!

8th March 2018


Ever wondered why you should visit the Great Southern Region of Western Australia? Well today I present to you my Top 5 Reasons, featuring some of my favourite destinations and attractions!

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1 | You will discover amazing local produce feat. Plantagenet Winery

The Great Southern Region is known for having some of the best produce that is both fresh and natural. When thinking of produce from this region things such as seafood, wine, organic meats, handmade cheese and yoghurt comes to mind. My amazing experience at Plantagenet Winery makes this my number one reason for you to visit the region!

Plantagenet Winery, Albany
Plantagenet Winery, Mount Barker


Lunch Platter, Plantagenet Winery
Lunch Platter, Plantagenet Winery


Plantagenet Winery is well known as the pioneer of wine-making in the Great Southern Region, with its rich heritage and expressive wines it has over the years become one of the most trusted brands in Australia. Whilst here, I was treated to a delicious lunch platter and exclusive wine tasting featuring some of the regions best produce. Of all the wines I tried the highlight was the 2014 Plantagenet Riesling, a beautifully aromatic wine infused with citrus flavours, white floral notes and a touch of mineral acidity – definitely one for the citrus lovers!

2 | You will be in awe of the breathtaking views feat. Middleton Beach

This region is home to some of the most amazing views and scenery, the most notable ones are the beautiful Green’s Pool and Elephant Rocks near Denmark, Bluff Knoll (one of WA’s highest peaks) located in the Stirling Range National Park and the Porongurup Range which can be seen from the Porongurup National Park. However, my favourite place would have to be the stunning Middleton Beach in Albany.

Middleton Beach, Albany. Photo Credit: Amazing Albany
Middleton Beach, Albany. Photo Credit: Amazing Albany


Middleton Beach is possibly the most famous beach in Albany and is a common spot for a number of recreational activities throughout the year. The highlight of my visit to this iconic beach was the Ellen Cove Boardwalk. There are a number of different paths to take on this walk, I opted for the path which took me up to the whale watching platform. Although I didn’t spot any whales the views from this platform was amazing and truly worth the trek! Other activities to try here include watching the sunset or sunrise, fishing off the Middleton Beach jetty, dining at the popular local cafes or taking a relaxing swim in the clear blue waters.

3 | It is an opportunity for you to reflect feat. National ANZAC Centre

With the busy lives we all lead, it is always hard to find the time to reflect and be thankful for the positive things in life. Whilst on my trip to this region I had the opportunity to do this at the National Anzac Centre.

ANZAC Centre, Albany
National ANZAC Centre, Albany
ANZAC Display, ANZAC National Centre
ANZAC Display, ANZAC National Centre


The National ANZAC Centre opened on the 1st of November 2014 and tells the story of our brave ANZAC soldiers who fought hard for our country in the First World War. With a wide range of interactive displays, unique artefacts, rare images, film and audio commentary the centre truly offers a deep and personal insight into the ANZAC legend. The interactive nature of this experience was truly eye-opening as I delved deeper into the life and experiences of the ANZACS. Towards the end there was an area for visitors to pay their respects, reflect and be thankful for the sacrifices that were made by our soldiers and their dedication towards making Australia a safe and free country.


4 | You can learn about life under the sea feat. Historic Whaling Station

If you are a sea lover like me you will most definitely want to visit the Great Southern Region as it is home to the Historic Whaling Station where you get the opportunity to learn about life under the sea for the largest mammals on Earth!

Historic Whaling Station, Albany
Historic Whaling Station, Albany. Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia


My visit to the Historic Whaling Station was truly one of a kind, with an interactive museum detailing the history of whales and whaling in Australia. Here I learnt that this centre was once a whaling company but ceased operations in 1978, following it’s closure it re-opened as an attraction under the name “Whale World”. Whilst here, I highly recommend that you join the comprehensive tour which takes you on a journey through the whaling company’s operations and gives insight into what it was like to work for a highly successful whaling company.


5 | You can visit iconic natural wonders feat. The Gap & Natural Bridge

I have always found natural wonders to be extremely interesting, especially the stories behind their formations and how they come about. This is why The Gap and Natural Bridge in Albany comes in as my fifth reason to visit the Great Southern Region.

The Gap, Albany
The Gap, Albany
Natural Bridge, Albany
Natural Bridge, Albany

During my visit to The Gap the standout for me was the newly built 40 metre platform which expands out over the attraction. From here I was able to see all the action and marvel at the big gusts of winds that would send the ocean crashing into the granite formation, resulting in a stunningly rugged granite channel. The Natural Bridge was equally as fascinating – formed as a result of gradual wearing from the ocean waters. I have to admit that I was truly amazed at how unique this natural wonder was and also reminded of just how strong and wonderful mother nature can be. Whilst here, I also recommend visiting the nearby Blowholes which is well known for its many granite crevasses believed to have been created some 1800 million years ago. These blowholes tend to create big bursts of water and loud whooshing sound as the waves come crashing in.


Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more posts on the beautiful state of WA!