Introduction of Shuttle Fee for Service on Rottnest Island

9th August 2017

Please be advised that with effect Friday 1st September 2017 ADAMS will be introducing a fee for service for visitors and users of the accommodation shuttle bus that currently operates 7 days p/week between the Main Bus Stop (MBS) and operates to Kingstown Barracks, Airport (Peak Periods) and the Geordie Bay settlement.

The proposed fee for service is minimal and will assist towards the direct costs of operating the vital accommodation shuttle on Rottnest Island linking the settlement with Geordie bay and Kingstown Barracks.

The fees as approved by the Rottnest Island Authority are:

  • $3 per person per day (Flat Fee)
  • $5 per person per week (7 days)

Tickets will be available from the visitors centre and from the ticket machines located at the Main Bus Stop which is the departure location for the shuttle. Tickets will also be available to purchase on board the shuttle bus from the driver.

Tickets must be purchased and presented to the driver at all outbound journeys from the MBS only. Passengers that are returning or joining the service at Kingstown, Airport or Geordie Bay are not required to present a ticket to board.

Passengers joining the Island Explorer service at Geordie bay and returning to the MBS may continue to do so at no charge and are not required to present a ticket to the driver.